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Oskö Safety Kit


Reference : OS30010

Secure your home with these different accessories for doors, drawers, sockets...


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Oskö Safety Kit

Includes :

  • 1 Top Drawer Block
  • 1 Bottom Drawer Block
  • 1 Soft Blocker
  • 1 Double Door Lock
  • 4 Corner Guards
  • 6 Socket Covers
  • 1 Door wedge
  • 1 Choke Tester

Specially designed for drawers placed on top of your furniture, this safety device is easily fixed thanks to its very resistant adhesive .

It allows for a partial opening of the drawer so that your child's fingers do not get stuck and he/she does not have access to the contents of your furniture .

The choking tester is used with toys and other everyday objects, if they pass through the cylinder then they must be kept out of baby's reach .

Oskö Drawer Safety Features:

  • Designed for the top drawers of your furniture
  • Easy to install thanks to a resistant adhesive
  • Allows you to half-open your drawer to avoid the risk of pinching your child's fingers
  • Does not allow access to contents
  • Cannot be opened by a child
  • Does not leave a trace once removed

Keep your dangerous objects safe in the lower drawers of your furniture with this childproof safety system .

The drawer block allows a partial opening of your furniture to avoid trapping fingers but does not leave enough space to access the contents .

Osko Drawer Security Features:

  • Easy installation with strong adhesives
  • Suitable for lower furniture drawers
  • Partial opening of the drawer to avoid trapping your child's fingers
  • Does not allow access to objects
  • Does not leave a trace once removed

Prevent your child from opening your cabinet door, fridge door, microwave door or kitchen drawers with this adhesive blocker.

Adults can easily open it by pressing two buttons, the mechanism is impossible for children to open .

Features Oskö Blocker:

  • Locks access to your cabinets, drawers, microwaves, fridges...
  • Keeps your door completely closed to prevent finger trapping
  • Easy opening for adults by pressing the buttons
  • Mechanism impossible to open for a child
  • Easy installation without tools, strong and durable adhesive
  • Choke-proof, non-toxic materials
  • Does not leave marks when removed
  • Used on one door only, not recommended for double doors

Once installed on your double door cabinet, this small accessory cannot be opened by your child, so it will not be exposed to dangerous objects .

The side buttons allow adults to open it easily. If you see a red dot, it has not been put back in place correctly.

Features Oskö Door Block:

  • Secures your furniture and cabinets with double doors
  • Side knobs allow adults to open it
  • Keeps your doors fully closed to prevent finger pinching
  • Easy installation without tools, strong and durable adhesive
  • Red sticker visible when not properly installed
  • Does not leave a trace once removed
  • Non-toxic materials, no choking hazard
  • Compatible with doors between 6 and 21mm thick

Adhesive corner guards attach to the top and bottom of the corners of your tables and other furniture so your child won 't get hurt if they bump into it .

Features Osko Corner Protector:

  • Limits the risk of injury if your child bumps
  • Installs on the top and bottom of your furniture corners
  • Strong and durable adhesive
  • Does not leave a trace once removed
  • Minimum 16mm thick

The socket covers fit into your sockets so that your child cannot insert his fingers or a toy .

Features Oskö Socket Covers:

  • Fits into your double-hole socket
  • Prevent your child from inserting fingers or a toy into the outlet
  • Lift up the tab and pull to remove
  • Clicking sound indicates proper installation

Once in place on the edge or top of your door, the door wedge locks the door shut so your child's fingers don't get caught .

Its solid materials do not deform over time, so you can hang it on its base when it is not in use to make it easier to find .

Features Oskö Doorstop:

  • Installs on the side or top of your doors
  • Prevents your door from closing to limit finger pinching
  • Strong and resistant materials, will not deform over time
  • Base to hang on the wall to find it more easily
  • Bite resistant, non-toxic
  • 2 pieces
  • Suitable for doors between 30 and 45mm thick

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